Advertising on Adwords is easy…

Profitably advertising on Adwords while growing revenue is hard.

Incremental Year-Over-Year Revenue increase within 6-months of working with Chris
Incremental Year-Over-Year Revenue Increase within 6 months of working with Chris Venable

Using Chris Venable to profitably advertise on Adwords is a wise investment.

- Stuart Wallock Chief Marketing Officer of SkyVenture
Chris Venable ppc sem adwordsChris Venable

I enable companies to generate more profit from Adwords.

There are many ways to generate traffic from Adwords, but only a few that will funnel qualified traffic that converts into leads and sales. I will work with you to first understand how your company makes money. Once I thoroughly understand your specific business model, I will work tirelessly to leverage your company’s competitive advantages to increase sales and profit.

Here’s how it works:

Business Interview

First, we spend several hours working through your business model together, creating customer profiles, and focusing on how your business makes profit.
This is the key step that will determine the effectiveness of the entire engagement.

Keyword Research

Next, your SEM keyword set is determined to both support your existing marketing efforts as well as to expand your revenue base.

Website Optimization

Then, your “profit engine” will be enhanced by optimizing your website, creating landing pages to support the SEM keyword set, and streamlining conversion paths.

Profit Maximization

Finally, we add marketing fuel to your engine by creating your SEM ads, keyword budgets, and target audiences within the Adwords system.
You’ll see your revenue and profit begin to grow within days, not weeks or months!
Chris Venable SEM PPC Adwords Chris Venable’s online marketing experience includes:
General Motors Home Depot
BOXX Kraft Foods
Over the past 15 years, I have successfully added millions in incremental revenue and profit for my clients.
Now, I’m giving away a one hour consultation each day to companies who want to learn more about how to profitably advertise with Adwords.
Ask me any questions and I will give you the best answers I can based on years of personally managing PPC accounts.
Don’t know exactly what to ask? No problem — we can dive right into your Adwords account to quickly and easily identify ways to improve your profitability.

Current PPC Monthly Spend:

Thanks! Free hour of consulting is scheduled at 4pm EST / 1pm PST each day and is filled on a first-come, first-served basis for qualified companies.
Hurry! Only the first qualified company will be able to reserve today’s free hour of Adwords internet marketing consulting.

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